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Intra- Operative 3D Imaging With O- Arm Making Complex Spine Surgeries Safe and Accurate

Aster CMI Hospital is the first center in Karnataka to acquire the O-arm (2nd generation); which is an invaluable boon in the process of making spinal surgeries safe and accurate, irrespective of the complexity of the case. Intraoperative 3D imaging with O-arm (2nd generation) can provide the patients anatomical images during the surgery in all 3 planes (Axial, Sagittal and Coronal), which can then be integrated with a navigation system to track certain instruments in real time. This greatly improves the accuracy of screws to 96- 100%, even in the presence of deformity and in complex areas like craniovertebral junction and poorly imaged areas like cervicothoracic junction or presence of obesity and osteoporosis.

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