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At AMI, we are united by the values of Excellence, Respect, Unity, Compassion, Collaboration, Passion and Integrity and aim to inspire the best people to join us through the same values. 

Our team works passionately for fostering a community of inspiration through radiology services provided at AMI. We are inclusive and compassionate with our heart at the core, working closely with fellow healthcare professionals so as to provide for each other’s wellbeing. At AMI, we make significant contributions towards healthcare at all times and provide expertise and excellence through our radiology services. We pride ourselves on having reached the top of ladder by following world-class standards and extending them by building centers of excellence. 

Afterall, we go by the motto, “Successful management of the business of healthcare means better healthcare for everyone”


AMI culture is driven by the underlying thought of “Aster Cares”.

A key value of ASTERIAN is to make sure that everyone is cared for. People are really important to us because they form the heart of our team. We’re committed to putting people at the center of what we do and making sure our colleagues, patients, and customers feel like they’re valued at AMI with respect and dignity, empowering them to heal from within. As an ASTERIAN, we are collaborative and encourage innovative thinking. You also play a role as an “Aster Volunteer” and donate time to help and give back to our local communities Our commitment to providing in-depth, accurate information to our patients and their families is reflected in every Aster employee. All staff members play vital roles when it comes down to providing the right care for each patient. Our core philosophy is people over process. This has enabled us to create a thriving ecosystem where we share ideas freely, support one another, and celebrate our successes together. An open-door policy and a culture of collaboration enable everyone at Aster Medical Imaging to bring their unique skills and talents to the workplace, which ultimately leads to innovation from all quarters!

"We at Aster, abide by a core set of values that guides our organizational behavior and pledge to create a unique ethos that is imbibed in every Asterian"

Learning & Growth with Aster Medical Imaging

Working with AMI is indeed rewarding. We firmly believe in people’s engagement to ensure growth and fulfillment of professional, financial, and well-being goals throughout their careers with AMI. At Aster, employees are offered several benefits to recognize their longevity in the firm and performance. Our diverse learning programs that blend traditional methodologies with modern technology-based learning approaches cater to diverse professional needs and shape up the talent for career progress.

Aster drives outstanding achievements for Doctors of Clinical excellence, provides a high-performance culture through continuous learning & development interventions like one-on-one coaching/ mentoring, offers internal and external education courses, workshops.

‘Aster Privileges’ is our comprehensive discount program which offers promotional discounts in many entertainment, leisure, dining, education and healthcare outlets for our employees.

Employee value proposition

As an organisation, as we embark on our growth journey, it is extremely important for us to attract the right talent, who will be the torchbearers in our journey of excellence. While we have an excellent in-house team of recruiters, who are working round the clock to ensure the organisation is not in dearth of talent, we also wanted to take a step ahead and create a Career Page on our website, which will help attract prospective candidates to our organisation.

I am extremely excited to announce the launch of our Career Page – a complete repository for all relevant opportunities at Aster. In addition to providing information on job vacancies to prospective candidates, this page will also act as a reflection of the organisation’s ways of working and the myriad interventions that we have developed so passionately over the years and are key pillars of our brand promise – “We’ll Treat You Well”.

We believe the various lenses showcased on this page will further help influence candidates positively towards our organisation. Visitors to this page, will catch a sight of our Culture, its importance to our organisation and learn about Aster’s Employee Value Proposition – At Aster, “YOU Matter”, so If words like purpose, growth, creativity and impact excite you, then Aster DM Healthcare is the place for you. Come join us in the mission of making the world a healthier place!

Do visit the Career page using URL:

I encourage you to bookmark this page and visit frequently to check for new job vacancies which we may have. This page will help all Asterians across the group, be aware of applicable openings within the company which will help in your career progression. By putting true effort into this adoption, you can help us become The Most Preferred Healthcare Employer in the Regions We Operate, Where Every Asterian Would Find Purpose and Aspire to be the Best in Providing Care For Our Customers – through talented professionals as part of our organisational network.