Interesting Facts About Radiology and Imaging

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Interesting Facts About Radiology

Learn interesting facts about radiology from interesting cases that we encounter at the AMI centers worldwide. Gain insights into how our internationally-acclaimed radiologists diagnose and treat rare conditions. Take a peek into the mysteries of human health, and how our expert teams handle them.


  • Celiac plexus block

    37 year old male present with severe abdominal pain due to chronic pancreatis. Inoperable malignant intraducta...

  • Managing Adherent Placenta – Triple Doctor’s Story.

    Adherent Placenta are abnormal placenta leading to severe post-partum haemorrhage. Even by controlled caesarea...

  • Ectopia Cordis – A Case Study on a Rare Congenital Anomaly

    Ectopia Cordis, a rare genetic defect or rare congenital anomaly with a prevalence of 8 per million births. Th...

  • Silk Vista Flow Diverter Stent – First time in Kerala @ Aster Medcity

    Kochi: Aster Medcity doctors successfully completed a Silk Vista Flow Diverter stenting procedure for the firs...

  • Call Fleming Syndrome

    30 year old male presented with severe, sudden onset of throbbing orbito-frontal thunderclap headache FLAIR...

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