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Onco Imaging

Majority of cancers diagnosed early are curable, hence it is inevitable to make an early and accurate diagnosis. This can be achieved by routine screening and regular health checkups. Oncoimaging aids oncologists reach to an unerring diagnosis and accelerate the appropriate treatment plan to achieve best clinical outcomes. Early diagnosis in few of the common cancers such as bowel, breast and lung are known for minimum 5 years survival.

Onco imaging has applications across the entire treatment regimen of cancers from diagnosis, location, tumour staging, monitoring treatment response to identify early relapse or remission. Technology has played a pivotal role in diagnostic techniques in onco-imaging which include 3D/4D Ultrasounds, Contrast enhanced Ultrasound, Tomosynthesis, CT with CT perfusion, MRI, multi-echo fMRI, DSC-MR Perfusion, Diffusion Tensor Imaging and PET-CT (multiple tumour specific Radionuclides). With recent breakthroughs in Onco imaging, personalized medicine and precision therapy is now a possibility.

AMI’s Onco imaging services help oncologists, radiation oncologists and onco-surgeons to make a confident approach towards precision care of the patients. AMI’s expert onco-imaging team with global experience thrive to improve the patient outcome by swift multimodal diagnostic approach and deep technological expertise. With multiple patents in hand, our world class certified team of radiologists continuously strive to improve the imaging operations and standards of care.

What do we offer at AMI?

AMI has an expert team of onco-radiologists with extensive international training and clinical expertise. Multidisciplinary in approach, we provide protocol-based services and treatment to patients with the help of technicians and support staff.

AMI leverages the most advanced Onco imaging modalities for detailed evaluation of structural anomalies and functional changes.

How do we report specific subspecialties?

At AMI, we partner with clients at every level of the healthcare industry, to add impact into the quality of patient care and compliance. The exceptional team of doctors comprises clinical imaging experts and interventional radiologists trained at some of the finest institutes across the United Kingdom, United States of America and India. 

Backed by state-of-the-art technology and image-guided techniques, we provide high-precision, guideline-based treatment to patients with a multidisciplinary approach. As maximizing quality care and patient outcome is our purpose-driven strategy, AMI invests heavily in continuously upgrading the Onco imaging facility and training the experts to keep abreast with the latest technologies. 

Using our innovation, expertise and quality we are committed to provide the best radiology and imaging services to all. Our onco radiologists are readily available for consultation 247 for 365 days a year to provide detailed reporting and critical opinion with a turnaround time of less than an hour.  Our reporting services include: