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Aster is our Teleradiology partner. At Aster, the integrity of our services is known, the patients are understood and cared for like a family and it is because of this bond that working with Aster has always been easy and joyful.   

Dr. Prakash Patil, Satara, India.

 AMI’s main stand-out is their centralized team of doctors who, with their expertise and experience, help us diagnose and treat even the rarest of cases in a short period of time. Their service and knowledge is top-notch and their skilled staff is what makes them special.                                                

Dr. Shefali Sharma, Oman.

The most wonderful thing that how much you feel that you are working in a very strong radiology organization because all the excellent radiologists from all specialties are united together.                                                 

Dr. Mohammad Hamaydeh,Sanad, Bahrain

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