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Is your pregnancy normal? Decide with the Doppler test.

As a part of the nationwide initiative of IRIA to reduce perinatal mortality in India, through a set of curated questions, Dr. Avni answers frequent concerns on Doppler Test in Pregnancy. To start with, Doppler test is a safe and simple technique which can determine the flow in the blood vessels of the mother and the baby and the vessels communicating these two. It helps assess if there is any compensation in the blood flow between the mother and the baby as it’s the mother’s blood that provides nutrients to the baby. If this is affected, it in turn affects the baby’s healthy growth. So, when the growth is affected, a Doppler test to determine how far the blood flow is affecting the growth restriction. These tests are usually done during the early pregnancy during the third trimester to assess the fetus, maternal and the umbilical vessels communicating the mother and fetus. This is primarily done to assess the growth restriction in a baby. Doppler Test is a supplemental study to the normal growth scan and this together with the growth parameters and fluid levels is considered very good in assessing the foetal or baby’s outcome. With no prior preparations to be done, all that is imperative is to inform the doctor if the mother is hypertensive or on any other medications. The tests help assess the feto-maternal circulation and the severity to which it has been compromised. There are certain pre-set Doppler parameters and they help make immediate decisions regarding continuing the pregnancy with close observation or terminating the pregnancy.

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