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Interventional Imaging Specialist

Dr. KG Ramakrishna

Interventional imaging Specialist

During the late 90’s, Dr. Ramakrishnan established the first Interventional Radiology (IR) management program in the region of Malabar. He is a founding member of ISVIR and has actively been involved in various academic programs including organising All India South Zone ISVIR conference and State IRIA Annual Conference. Over the last 15 years he has mentored several post graduate students in his capacity as a Post Graduate Teacher, National Board Examiner and guided his colleagues to establish independent IR practice. Dr. Ramakrishnan’s current area of interest include HPB and Body Interventions as well as GI Imaging.

Among his vast expertise in various fields, he also masters himself in Portal system interventions, Embolization treatment in trauma and in life saving hemorrhage.