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Onsite Medical Imaging Service Providers

AMI delivers outstanding value to hospitals, and medical centers seeking to optimize their resources with extensive onsite imaging services. More than 100 of our medical imaging units work to deliver the highest quality of patient care to our partners.

Onsite Radiology services in India

Diagnostic radiology

Whatever your permutation, we’ll find you the perfect combination.

Onsite radiology needs vary greatly; a major hospital chain in a big city has different requirements when compared to a tertiary or quaternary imaging center in a small rural town. AMI understands this.

Our Joint Commission (JC) accredited NABH solutions eliminate the challenge of setting up your own radiology departments, while working closely with you to effect best patient outcomes. AMI’s personalized fits allow you the flexibility, and coverage to choose the services that best suit your patient needs.

Interventional radiology

Consulting the right Interventional Radiologist (IR) for onsite medical imaging services is paramount. As is managing the intricacies, and investments that come with setting up a full-fledged radiology department. AMI nurtures the best talent and capabilities under our umbrella, so our partners don’t need to.

We understand how IR expertise benefits your patients, and clinicians, and impacts the success of your organization as a whole. Our Interventional Radiology offerings are customized to cater to vastly differing needs, meeting your current, and future demands with ease. That’s the AMI promise - to deliver scalable radiology services, for affordable, and quality healthcare, every single time.

Onsite Medical Imaging

Well-equipped departments of AMI

Onsite care, diligent care

At AMI, we deliver impeccable onsite consultation, and reporting services to our partners. With a commitment to quality, governed by precision, and data safety, AMI’s results are optimum, and patient outcomes are the best.


Clear, and constant communication

Faster care triaging

Continuous knowledge-sharing

AMI expertise - when you need it, where you need it.

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