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With a sizable, credentialed, and experienced team of over 150 radiologists with expertise in all subspecialties across 85 radiology setups/ facilities spread throughout geographies, AMI processes nearly 1.2 million reports annually.

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Internationally certified radiologists with sub-specialty expertise are available 24×7 for 365 days a year. Emergency reporting in less than 1 hour. The reporting specialist will also be available on-call for surgeons & physicians to get critical opinion in emergency cases.

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Kochi doctors perform frozen elephant trunk procedure, save life of airlifted Lankan patient

Dr. Rohith Nair

Consultant Interventional Radiologist, Aster Medcity in Kochi

The patient, who was earlier treated in Colombo for central shearing chest pain and intractable hypertension, continued to have life-threatening and uncontrollable blood pressure.

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